Topics and Guests for January 2

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The outrage grows on Capitol Hill over the investigation into who leaked information about a NSA secret wiretapping program on potential terror suspects. President Bush continues to defend the program, saying it is necessary and legal to prevent future terrorist attacks. We'll have the latest.

Then, terrorists exploded 13 car bombs across Iraq New Year's Day injuring 20. As the U.S. begins to withdraw some American troops this year, are Iraqi forces ready to defend their country? We'll get insight from retired U.S. Army Gen. Bob Scales, a FOX News military analyst.

Plus, President Bush's poll numbers are slowing making a comeback after hitting an all-time low. Can Bush continue to improve his public image? Or is it permanently damaged after a rocky 2005? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers and Republican strategist Terry Holt.

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