Tonight... Go on the record with Greta!

A possible terror threat has officials on edge in Florida after Middle Eastern medical students were heard talking in a restaurant yesterday about explosives and saying that Americans would "cry on 9/13." Today, police later detained three men and blew up a suspicious package.

We'll have a live report for you from Florida and we'll speak with former FBI lawman Joe Del Campo.

Then, will the United States get help in its campaign against Iraq? We'll talk with The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, who is also a Fox News contributor, about that.

Plus, we'll speak with Zaina Al-Suwajj, the Executive Director of the American Islamic Congress about her contention that America has an unpaid debt that it still owes Iraq.

Also, why are some parents suing their own teenage children?! We'll tell you all about this story and get reaction from three legal eagles: Criminal defense attorneys Paul Callan and Mickey Sherman, and USC Law professor and Fox News Legal Analyst Susan Estrich.

Finally, seen the latest picture of Nick Nolte this week? The photo of him that's been released, after he was picked up for driving erractically, is pretty rough. Why are so many celebrities in trouble? We'll ask Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto.

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