Topics and Guests for Friday, Sept. 5

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• The FBI is looking for four terror suspects; none are believed to be currently in the U.S. The four could be plotting a new ‘unspecified’ attack against U.S. interests.

Former FBI agent in counter terrorism Greg Esslinger will provide insight.

And FNC correspondent Steve Centanni will give us a live update from our Washington newsroom.

• Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) is on a fact-finding mission in Iraq. After visiting Saddam’s hometown of Tikrit he proceeds on to Mosul. How will his discoveries affect the peacekeeping mission in the war torn country?

FNC correspondent Bret Baier is traveling with the secretary and he will give us a live report.

• Will cameras be allowed in the courtroom during the Kobe Bryant (search) sexual assault case?

Former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl and criminal defense attorney Geoffrey Fieger  weigh in.

• And does an al-Jazeera (search) senior war correspondent have ties to Al Qaeda (search)? Get the full report.

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Note: Topics subject to change