Topics and Guests for Friday, July 25

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Friday, July 25:

Uday Hussein’s bodyguard was with Saddam and sons during the early days of the war, up through the fall of Baghdad. He's shared some amazing stories with one reporter
•  Matthew McAllester, Newsday reporter

With the airing of so much dirty laundry in the Kobe Bryant sexual abuse case, it's likely the accuser’s past will be used against her
•  Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

With each sign of progress in Iraq, it's becoming more difficult for Democrats to say President Bush didn't do the right thing here
•  Martha Zoller, radio talk show host

The recording industry is turning up the volume on people who trade songs on the Internet, taking hundreds of small-time users to court
•  Fred Von Lohmann, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Just before the invasion of Iraq, Arab men from nearby countries snuck into Iraq, dreaming of the chance to fight against allied troops. But with the coalition's quick victory, they never got the chance
•  Mohamad Bazzi, Middle East correspondent for Newsday

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