Topics and Guests for Friday, Jan. 17

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Jan. 17:

While you've got the White House full of hawks ready to go to war, and everybody else is saying, "Slow down". So what are the arguments like in the corridors around the Oval Office?
Scott Stearns of Voice of America

The U.S. is training up to 3,000 Iraqi exiles to join in the fight against Saddam Hussein, but their exact role in a possible war is being kept secret
Sharif Ali bin al Hussein of the Iraqi National Congress

Sometimes it sounds like the voices coming out of the White House are going around in circles. Just another day in the nation's capital?
Matthew Kerbal, political science professor at Villanova University

President Bush says lawsuits are driving medical costs sky high and driving doctors out of business. He is proposing a $250,000 cap on malpractice awards
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Democrats with their eye on the White House are making their first cattle call. They're hitting the campaign trail this weekend, looking to build support and maybe raise some cash
O. Kay Henderson, news director for Radio Iowa

The term "student athlete" is an oxymoron at some colleges. That's because sports can be a huge moneymaker for schools with good teams.  Now a group of professors and university trustees are starting a movement to reign in college sports and return the focus in colleges to education
Miles Brand, president of the NCAA

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