Topics and Guests for Friday, August 22

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Friday, August 22:

Whatever Kobe Bryant’s lawyer says, a national tabloid is standing by its story on a proposed payoff by the NBA star
John South, senior reporter for the National Enquirer

With 46 days left until California’s recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to hog the spotlight
Dan Weintraub, writer for the Sacramento Bee

Whatever happens with the economy, President Bush was at least supposed to have foreign policy and the war on terror in his back pocket, going into next year's election. Now with somewhat shaky situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the president's supposed strength turning into a weakness?
Mike Allen, White House reporter for the Washington Post

An Ohio power company is at the center of the blackout 2003 investigation
Tyson Slocum, energy analyst for Public Citizen

How has Little League baseball changed over the years?
Stephen Keener, president of Little League baseball

We have heat waves here all the time, and thousands of people don't die. Why are the French having such a hard time handling the heat?
Amanda Ripley, Time magazine correspondent

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