Topics and Guests for Friday, August 2

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The hunt continues for a serial killer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where police say DNA evidence show that the man who killed Pam Kinamore on July 12 was also responsible for the strangling deaths of Gina Wilson Green and the stabbing death of Charlotte Murray Pace. Will police be able to apprehend the killer before he strikes again? We'll go live to Baton Rouge where WBRZ-TV reporter Ken Pastorick will have the latest on the police search for the killer.

Plus, we'll speak with a woman whose sister was killed five years ago. Could that murder also be related to the three recent killings in Baton Rouge?

Also, forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden will help us understand how police in Baton Rouge will sift through the DNA evidence and other clues as they hunt for the killer.

Then, is Saddam Hussein changing his mind about weapons inspectors in his country as the threat of a U.S. invasion continues to grow? We'll speak with retired Marine Lt. Colonel and Fox News Military Analyst Bill Cowan.

And later, law enforcement officials in California are crediting the "Amber Alert" system with saving the lives yesterday of two teenage girls who were kidnapped at gunpoint. Just what is this system? And why doesn't the entire country have it?

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