Topics and Guests for Friday, August 1

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Friday, August 1:

Hundreds of people in California are hustling to file papers to run for governor, including the publisher of Hustler magazine — porn peddler extraordinaire Larry Flynt
•  Darrell West, author of Celebrity Politics

Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is spending some time behind bars, and a jail cell might be the safest place for the rap mogul
•  Douglas Century, author and journalist

The U.S. government releases photos of what Saddam Hussein may look like today
•  Retired Army Major Bob Bevelacqua

Jose Padilla was declared an enemy combatant by the Bush administration more than a year ago, but even though a judge ruled he should be able to speak with his lawyer, he hasn't
•  Donna Newman, Padilla's lawyer

So far, this summer has been a bust for big Hollywood movies
•  Zorianna Kit, senior film reporter for the Hollywood Reporter

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