Topics and Guests for December 31 & January 1

What a year it was! On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day we take a special look at 2002. Where are some of the people who captivated us this year? Get on On the Record with Greta!

New Year's Eve

A little girl is lost and sadly, a missing girl is found dead. A sniper is on the loose and a hero cop named "Moose" saves the day. What a year we went through in 2002. And, some of the lighter moments came from Ohio Congressman turned convict James Traficant.

We'll revisit our exclusive interview with Rep. Traficant and then... Stay tuned to hear what his wife Patricia Traficant has to say when she gets her chance to go on the record!

Then, we'll look back at the search for Elizabeth Smart and hear from her uncle David Smart about how the family is coping with the situation.

And later, we'll return to the scene of the crime in the Chandra Levy mystery. How can good police work help catch this young woman's killer? Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden and Greta return to Washington's Rock Creek Park. What did On the Record  find that D.C. cops didn't?!

Finally, he was the hero of the year... Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose  led the investigation that caught the two men who were known before their capture simply as the "Beltway Sniper." How did the chief manage to remain calm and focus on his job in the midst of terror? You'll find out when the chief gets on the record!

New Year's Day

A region and an entire nation gripped by fear... The Beltway sniper kept Washington, D.C. area residents locked in their homes, kids out of school and drivers terrified to even do something as simple as pump gas. Two men who were among the first targets of the snipers' rage revisit their experiences. We talk with Benny Oberoy who was shot by one of the snipers and Arnie Zelkovitz, owner of the liquor store where the shooting took place.

Then, remembering Chandra. We return to the tragic turn of events in the Chandra Levy mystery this year. The Levys found their daughter this year. But, sadly, they found her dead in a Washington park. Now, the family is looking for someone else... The person who killed their daughter. In an intimate interview, Greta talks with Chandra's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Levy. It's been a year and a half since the Washington intern vanished but does time make things any easier for this family?

And later, from tragedy to hope, friendship and faith. Remember the Quecreek 9? They were nine coal miners, all of them fathers, brothers and sons. It was a terrible accident hundreds of feet underground. There was no contact with the world, and as the world held its breath, a miraculous rescue took place. Now, five months after the dramatic recovery Dennis Hall, one of the nine, goes on the record. In the months since his rescue, he has also become one of the co-authors of the book, Our Story: 77 Hours That Tested Our Friendship and Our Faith.

Finally, a California five-year-old stole our hearts... and her unthinkable murder broke it right in two. The story of Samantha Runnion's abduction and death shocked people around the country and around the world. The man who won praise for his handling of this terrible case, Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona returns to on the record to talk about Samantha and the investigation he led to find her and her killer.

It's been quite a year. And we thank you for watching us every step of the way.

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