Topics and Guests for December 29

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While the U.S. has been anything but "stingy" in sending aid to the victims, President Bush waited four days before commenting publicly on the deadly tsunamis. Did the president botch an opportunity to lead? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Ellis Henican, columnist for Newsday and a FOX News contributor, and Linda Chavez, former labor secretary nominee and head of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

The United Nations warns that respiratory and waterborne diseases (search) could break out in areas affected by southern Asia's tsunami disaster "in the next few days." What can be done to stop the spread of disease? We'll get an update from Sriyani Tidball, who runs a relief shelter in Sri Lanka.

If you'd like to help Sriyani, you can send donations to:

Community Concern Society
101 Galle Road
Colombo 4, Sri Lanka

Plus, hear an incredible story of survival from Lizzi Heydemann, who has just returned from Thailand.

And, what's the best way to guarantee you'll receive medical care of your choice when vacationing abroad? Phillip Morris, executive vice president of Medjet Assistance, thinks he has the answer.

Usama bin Laden says it costs Al Qaeda about over $270,000 a week to operate his terror network in Iraq. Where's the money coming from and how can we cut off the terrorists? We'll ask Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, director of the American Center for Democracy and author of "Funding Evil."

Then, from bin Laden's bookkeeping to his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. Is it just a matter of time before terrorists hit us with a weapon of mass destruction? We'll get insight from Graham Allison, former defense secretary and author of "Nuclear Terrorism."

What stocks will make you the big bucks in 2005? We'll take the market's temperature with Michelle Girard, senior economist at Greenwich Capital Markets, and Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors.

Plus, will your house lose value in 2005? We'll investigate with Jim Gillespie, CEO of real estate giant Coldwell Banker.

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