Topics and Guests: Dec. 27

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Monday, Dec. 27:

It is the strongest earthquake the world has seen in four decades and it has left more than 23,000 dead and millions more homeless. We'll have the latest on the aftermath of Sunday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake and the massive tsunami that struck residents in nine south Asian countries.

Plus, we'll examine what is being done in this country to aid the victims of the quake and we'll talk with an expert about whether an early warning alert system could have saved lives before devastating tsunamis slammed into the region's coastlines.

And, we'll talk with the Hoover Institution's Michael McFaul about Viktor Yushchenko's apparent win in Ukraine (search) today and the future for democracy in Russia.

Also, our correspondents will have reports from around the world including the following:

Jennifer Griffin with the latest from southern Asia.

Wendell Goler reports on what the Bush administration is doing to help victims of Sunday's quake.

Dana Lewis reports from Russia on the results of the election in Ukraine.

Major Garrett looks at why President Bush's faith-based initiatives are still stuck in Congress. What's holding things up? Do they have a prayer?

Plus, we'll talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors:

Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

Fred Barnes, executive editor of the "Weekly Standard"

Jeff Birnbaum, columnist, "The Washington Post"

These stories and more...

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