Topics and Guests, August 7

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Brian Wilson reports: President Bush renews his pledge to punish executives involved in corporate scandals like the one that struck WorldCom's headquarters and impacted many in the audience that had come to see the president speak.

Guest preview: Greg Valiere of Schwab Research Group

Panel preview: Are we inching closer to action against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein?


Major Garrett reports: Vice President Dick Cheney, who had been laying low for several weeks, emerges at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel with a speech designed to bolster confidence in the stock market and in the administration's war on terror. 

Bret Baier reports: We have the latest from the Pentagon.

Carl Cameron reports: Who were the smiling winners and frowning losers in the primaries?

Jennifer Griffin reports: The Palestinians accept Israel's proposal for a withdrawal of troops from parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip -- even as Israeli soldiers kill six Palestinians in separate raids.

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