Topics and Guests, August 30

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GUEST PREVIEW: The Grand Old Party (search) kicks off the RNC in NYC, but what is going on outside is not a party. Will protesters disrupt the convention? Answers from Dr. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics and author of "Midterm Madness.”

Jim Angle reports: RNC kicks off in NYC, on trail Bush makes N.H. stop to laud economic numbers. We’ll have a full report.

Carl Cameron reports: John Edwards attacks Bush administration's handling of War on Terror. Get details.

Todd Connor reports: Meanwhile, outside the convention, protestors and police converge on the streets of Manhattan.

Amy Kellogg reports: Should France's govt. negotiate with terrorists holding two French journalists in Iraq? Find out more.

And, the latest from Kerry’s campaign push.

And more ...

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