Topics and Guests: April 19

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Spain's prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (search) has kept his campaign promise and within hours after his Socialist government was sworn in today announced that his country will withdraw its troops from Iraq. -- Spain is the third-largest contributor of troops to the multinational force and the sixth-largest overall in Iraq.

Zapatero had initially pledged to remove the troops if the United Nations (search) did not take political and military control of the situation in Iraq by June 30. In making his announcement to remove them as soon as possible, Zapatero said there were no signs the situation would have changed enough to satisfy Spain by that deadline.

Will the pullout of Spanish troops hurt the coalition's long-term efforts to bring democracy to Iraq? Former Tennessee Republican Senator Fred Thompson (search), who is currently an actor on the hit series "Law and Order" joins us with answers.

Then, "Plan of Attack" (search) a new book by the Washington Post's Asst. Managing Editor and author Bob Woodward (search) says that Secretary of State Colin Powell and Vice President Richard Cheney are barely on speaking terms because of policy differences over the war in Iraq. Are the book's claims true? We'll ask the author of the new book "Letters to My Daughters" and one of Mr. Cheney's closest advisers Mary Matalin (search) to go on the record.

Plus, the search for a missing pregnant woman in Georgia has come to an end. We'll have the story.

And later, America's newest star "The Apprentice" himself, Bill Rancic (search) will be here as our guest. He'll tell Greta what it's been like to actually be hired by "The Donald!"

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