Tony Blair to Meet With Bush About Iraq

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is due in Washington to meet with President Bush just days after making a trip to Iraq to see new government leaders there, the White House announced Monday.

White House spokesman Tony Snow did not provide details, such as which day the pair will hold their talks.

"What they are going to be doing is talk about Iraq and the next step forward," Snow told reporters traveling with Bush to Chicago, where he was delivering remarks on Iraq and its new government.

With support falling at home because of opposition to the war and his decision to keep 8,000 British troops there, Blair has been beset with questions about when his country's soldiers would come home.

While in Baghdad on Monday, Blair said that decision would be dependent on the security situation and on the pace with which Iraqi security forces are able to take over for international troops. That's the same benchmark that Bush has set for possible withdrawal of American troops.

Snow said Blair "may report on his desires" to Bush.

"Prime Minister Blair has also said he would like Iraqi forces to be taking much more control by the end of the year," Snow said.

Blair was the first world leader to visit Baghdad since its new government was inaugurated Saturday.