Tonight on Fox News Channel:

The O'Reilly Factor
— 8 p.m. ET

Topic: The 5 questions Bill O’Reilly would ask Gary Condit

Topic: One mother gets probation after using her baby as collateral for crack
Guest: Judge Andrew Napolitino

Topic: Attorney General Ashcroft goes to California to review security on the Mexican border
Guest: Linda Chavez, political analyst

Topic: In Rhode Island you can’t discriminate against transvestites or transsexuals

Hannity & Colmes
— 9 p.m. ET

Topic: The Condit connection
Guest: Jon Sale, attorney for Darryl Condit

Topic: The latest on Chandra
Guest: Laura Ingraham, radio talk show host

Topic: Should the Bush administration give legal status to illegal Mexican immigrants?
Guest: Dan Stein, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Guest: Frank Sharry, National Immigration Forum

Topic: Corporal punishment in schools
Guest: Nadine Block, Center for Effective Discipline

The Edge With Paula Zahn
— 10 p.m. ET

Topic: I saw Condit dump the watchcase
Guest: Phoner with the guy who says he saw Condit trash the box

Topic: Condit’s timeline on day of disappearance and why hasn’t Bush spoken out about this?
Guest: Bob Beckel 
Guest: Congressman JD Hayworth

Topic: How far will lawyers go to protect their clients?
Guest: Victoria Toensing
Guest: Joe Tacopina