Actor Tom Sizemore appeared in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday and pled guilty to violating the terms of his probation following a meth bust last month, E! reported on Tuesday.

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The "Saving Private Ryan" star could face up to 16 months behind bars. Sizmore, 45, begged Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis to spare him from further jail time.

"If you would please just give me one more chance for myself," Sizemore told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis, saying that if she would let him remain on probation, he'd "guarantee that I will give it everything that's good about me."

Rayvis told Sizemore that she will render a decision next Monday. Until then, he will remain in the same jail cell where he's been since June 5, when he surrendered on an arrest warrant.

The warrant came after prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to hold Sizemore without bail for failing to obey the terms of his probation in a 2004 drug case.