Tom and Nicole, American Pie 2 and Mick Jagger in the aging glimmer of The Foxlight.

It sounds like a pay-per-view special: Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise back together again, for one night only. Actually, it's next week's premiere of Kidman's new movie, The Other. Why the one night stand? Cruise, in happier times, co-produced the film. This should be a scene right out of America's Sweethearts - with the paparazzi dying to get a shot of the two of them together.

Speaking of movie publicity, be nice to Natasha Lyonne - she's packin' heat. The co-star of American Pie 2 apparently got bored during a junket, pulled a cap gun out of her purse and fired it. Also, reports say she was snippy with castmates and reporters. Maybe the rising indie star felt compromised in this big summer sequel.

Finally, the Rolling Stone rolls alone again - Mick Jagger is available, ladies. That young Brazilian model has dumped the elder spokesman of Rock 'n' Roll. At 58, the Mickster probably enjoys napping with the couple's baby. Meanwhile, don't look for a Rolling Stones album any time soon. Mick just signed a new solo deal - his first solo album in eight years. Maybe they should call it Bye, Bye, Brazil.