Toddler Survives After Spending 20 Minutes Underwater

A toddler, who spent nearly 20 minutes underwater, has amazed doctors by making a full recovery.

Brain scans show Oluchi Nwaubani had been starved of oxygen for 18 minutes – three times longer than the brain can usually survive.

In September, Oluchi was airlifted to a London hospital after she wandered off at a friend’s house and was discovered lifeless at the bottom of a pool.

Doctors put the 2-year-old on life support after detecting a pulse — but warned her parents the chances of survival were almost zero.

For three days there was no change in her condition – until she suddenly took a lungful of air on her own at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Now, several months later, Oluchi can walk and talk normally.

“She is a fighter,” the toddler’s dad said. “We were told she would be a vegetable but she has shocked everyone with her progress.”

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