To the Batcave!

And you thought your dorm room was ... well ... disturbing.

What’s better than filling someone’s dorm room with brown bats?

Filling someone’s dorm room with brown bats, taking pictures, posting them on a Web site and possibly facing criminal charges for the prank, naturally.

The crew of college jokers from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville may be facing theft and harassment charges for swiping about a dozen brown bats from a cave at Devil’s Den State Park in northwest Arkansas, the Associated Press reports.

The pranksters gathered the bats while on a caving expedition at the park.

“The bats were pretty docile; they were sleeping. It was pretty easy to pick them like apples,” Lt. Gary Crain of the university police said.

After they chauffeured their creepy contraband back to campus, one of the bunch thought it would be a real knee-slapper to release the critters into an unsuspecting student’s dorm room.

But their joke didn’t last long.

After they’d enacted their devious deed, animal control officers were able to recapture the bats and release them back into the wild, where they belong.

And in what appears to be a successful attempt at complete indiscretion, the comedians posted pictures of their quest on

“That made it a little easier for us,” Crain said.

Prosecutors are considering what charges to press against the mischievous bunch, and Lt. Crain said The Arkansas Game and Wildlife Commission could also pursue charges.

Lucky for the perpetrators, none of the bats appeared to be sick, but health officials urged anyone who might have been in contact with the animals to be evaluated as a precaution.

Red Bull Can Give Anything Wings

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (AP) — A trailer containing $100,000 worth of Red Bull energy drinks seemingly grew wings.

A truck driver reported last weekend that his 53-foot trailer containing 2,880 cases of the energy drink was stolen.

Geoffrey Winchester said he parked the truck on Old Highway 51. According to the Dyer County Sheriff's Department, another truck must have pulled the trailer away from the truck and hauled off the load Sunday.

The truck's window had been broken and its satellite tracking system disabled, making the thief's flight untraceable. In its commercials, Red Bull claims that it "gives you wings!"

A trailer containing $100,000 worth of Kraft sauces also was stolen in Dyersburg on Monday, authorities said. The trailer was recovered by police in Ohio Monday night, but all the sauce was gone.

Baring Your Buns Might Cost an Arm and a Leg

ROSTOCK, Germany (AP) — A German court ruled that stadium operators can claim damages from streakers at matches — a decision that could affect the World Cup.

The High Regional Court in Rostock ruled Friday in favor of local second-division club Hansa Rostock, which filed compensation claims against three streakers after being fined $24,800 by the German soccer federation (DFB).

The court ruled the club could seek full compensation for the fine against the trio, who had climbed over the fence and onto the field during an October 2003 match.

Judge Hans-Georg Eckert rejected their defense that the club had not provided sufficient security.

"If you are caught stealing, you can't argue that the shop owner should have better protected his goods," Eckert said.

During last year's Confederations Cup, a dress rehearsal for the June 9 to July 9 World Cup, streakers ran onto the field in several stadiums, angering organizers.

"The ruling is a signal to the World Cup organizing committee," organizing committee spokesman Jens Grittner said. "If we are fined by FIFA because of streakers, we'll take the judicial way."

The 'Room for Theft' Feature's a Real Selling Point

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — Police who charged a Cincinnati couple with stealing a big-screen television said they should have thought about a bigger car.

Police stopped Richard and Stephanie North early Wednesday when they noticed their Mercury Sable going down a road with one of the doors open. Police found a 55-inch flat-screen TV on the back seat, hanging out the door.

Earlier, police had responded to an alarm at a TV and appliance store where the window on the front door was smashed out and a Hitachi flat-panel television was missing.

Richard North was charged with breaking and entering and felony theft. His wife was charged with complicity.

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