To Each His Own

This has been quite a week for nasty e-mails.

This from "Robert," who finds my defense of Rush Limbaugh (search) and rich taxpayers this week bordering on the outrageous. He writes:

"What is it with you rich fat cats? One for all and all for one, I guess. You should be ashamed. Walk a mile in my shoes, Cavuto. I've got a life-threatening illness, moving around's not easy. I'd love to be in your perfect big-money world, where nothing goes wrong and you can smile and joke all day. You wouldn't know a hard day if it knocked you upside that fat head of yours."

Robert, I feel bad for your plight. But please don't assume to know mine... good, or bad. Suffice it to say, I know a little of what you speak. But I'm not the issue here -- you are.

If you think Rush is evil, that's your call. It's not mine.

If you think all rich people are selfish, that's your call. It's not mine.

If you think it's not at all odd that some play the class warfare game when it suits them, even when it doesn't suit the facts... again, that's your call. It's not mine.

We all deal with hardships in life. Even television anchors.

We live in our own heads, Robert.

You're angry. I'm not.

You're bitter. I'm not.

You say I laugh and joke and kid too much because things are good. I say laugh and joke and kid even when things are not good.

Don't assume because you're a guy like Rush, you can't hurt. Or a rich guy paying a ton in taxes, you can't feel used.

Robert, I've known rich jerks and I've known poor jerks. Being a jerk knows no financial pedigree. Just don't offer someone the chance to walk in your shoes, when you might have an equally tough time walking in theirs.

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