Tip Sheet for the Week of September 30 - October 4

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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boy and girl.

There is no chivalry here as we throw Linda into the hot seat in the Tip Sheet.

Item one, President Bush will be in Baltimore on Wednesday to help out Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich. He's in a tight race with Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, and you know a lot about Maryland because you ran for the Senate there once.

LINDA CHAVEZ, GUEST CO-HOST: That's exactly right. I was never quite in the enviable position that Bob Ehrlich is. In fact, what's amazing in this story is that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has seen a 15-point lead disappear to nothing. Bob Ehrlich is actually ahead of her in the latest polls.

But I do not underestimate the power of the Democratic machine in the state of Maryland when it comes election night. We saw this eight years ago when Ellen Sowerbray was up. When those Baltimore precincts start coming in, there's going to have been a lot of walking-around money on the street, and we'll see whether or not he's able to pull it off.

KONDRACKE: She was pretty tough in the debate the other night, too.

Item two, the U.S. is sending an envoy to North Korea next week to reopen security talks. As you remember, President Bush labeled North Korea part of the axis of evil in January.

CHAVEZ: Well, I know, but you know what is really going on here is, he's being asked from others in the region, the prime minister of Japan, Koizumi, has asked that we, you know, get a little bit more serious about our dealings with North Korea, and the South Koreans as well. So sending somebody over there to get these talks started again is because that's what our allies in the region want.

KONDRACKE: A little bit of multilateralism.

Item number three, this Friday, President Bush and former vice president Al Gore will both be in Massachusetts stumping for their party's respective gubernatorial candidates, Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Shannon O'Brien.

CHAVEZ: This is a really interesting race, and one of the interesting issues in the race doesn't even have to two with the do gubernatorial candidates, it has to do with bilingual education. All of those South Boston folks want the kids to learn English, and the Democrat candidate, Shannon O'Brien, is opposing that, and Mitt Romney is supporting it. That may play into this race.

KONDRACKE: She is up a little, though, in the, in the...

CHAVEZ: She is, that's...

KONDRACKE: ... polls, and, and he has been reduced to running beefcake ads.

Item number four, next Saturday President Bush will be in New Hampshire stumping for Senate hopeful John Sununu in his race against Democrat Jean Shaheen.

CHAVEZ: What's going to be really interesting in this poll is to see whether the politics of the Middle East play a role. As you know, John Sununu was opposed in the Democratic — or in the Republican primary, in part because people were worried about how he was going to stand on Israel, and that may become an issue in this campaign as well.

KONDRACKE: John Sununu, the next Cynthia McKinney?

CHAVEZ: Well, I'm not sure I'd go that far. But in fact there are some worries.

KONDRACKE: OK, item five, next weekend, Iowa Democrats will be holding their biggest fund raiser, the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, and among those scheduled to speak are three potential Democratic presidential candidates, Kerry, Edwards, and Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

CHAVEZ: What's more interesting, Mort, is who's not there. Al Gore's not going to be there, Tom Daschle's not going to be there, and neither is Joe Lieberman. It's sort of like the also-rans in there. And they are, in fact, actually apparently getting some lists of Democratic fund raisers, and they are obviously running.

KONDRACKE: Iowa is one of the doviest states in the country. Howard Dean will do very well there.

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