Tip Sheet for the Week of Feb. 4 - Feb. 8

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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST:  Here's our Tip Sheet, or I should say my tip sheet, for next week's action that Mort's going to have to deal with.

Item number one, look for President Bush to unveil his 2003 budget  plan on Monday.

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST:  Right.  E.J. Dionne, the columnist for The Washington  Post, said this was not a guns-and-butter budget, this is a guns-and-tax- cuts budget.  One-point-six trillion dollars in tax cuts already enacted.   Bush is going to call for a trillion dollars more...


KONDRACKE:  ...plus $500 or $600 billion in defense spending over,  over 10 years.  Goodbye Social Security surplus.  Bye-bye.

BARNES:  Yes, well, it's a guns-and-guns budget.  I'm all for it.

Item number two, Enron's former chairman and chief executive, Ken Lay,  will take the hot seat next week when he testifies before the House Energy  and Commerce Committee.

KONDRACKE:  It looks like Ken Lay will, one, show up, two, not demand  immunity, three, not take the Fifth Amendment.  David Boise is his lawyer.   He was Al Gore's lawyer.


KONDRACKE:  He may have two losses straight in a row here.

BARNES:  He may, but I don't know, don't underestimate Ken Lay.  I've  met him, he's a very personable guy.  I'm sure he'll...

KONDRACKE:  Scoundrel.

BARNES:  ...say everything he has done was legal.

Item three, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is coming to  Washington next week for his fourth meeting with the president.  By the  way, Mort, how many meetings has Yasser Arafat had with the president?

KONDRACKE:  Zero, zero.


KONDRACKE:  And, you know, Sharon said this week that 20 years ago he  wished that Israel had killed Yasser Arafat.  I guess that means that  Yasser Arafat should feel very afraid at the moment.

BARNES:  I would.

Item four, Super Bowl XXXVI is Sunday at 6:00 p.m. on Fox.  This is  the first sporting event ever to be designated a national security special  event by the White House.

KONDRACKE:  I hope it's safe.  Another boring blowout.  However, I  predict St. Louis 42, New England 14.

BARNES:  I'm going with New England...


BARNES:  ...17 to 16.  Great upset, biggest upset...


BARNES:  ...since the Colts won, by...

KONDRACKE:  Five bucks?  Five bucks on it?  Will (UNINTELLIGIBLE)...

BARNES:  Yes, I never, I never bet.  I never use money.

And item, and item number five...

KONDRACKE:  You never use money?

BARNES:  ...the 2002 Olympic Games kick off next week in Salt Lake  City.  Look for the security to be at the highest level.  And Mort, you  know, they're predicting 20 gold medals for Americans, which would be a  record.

KONDRACKE:  Yes.  And I hope and I pray that everything will be safe  and that Todd Eldridge, the skater, will make his quad and win a medal.   That would be...

BARNES:  I'm for that too.  But getting 20 medals, if they can't do it  in Salt Lake City at home, Americans will never do it.

KONDRACKE:  We'll see.

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