Timeline: The Search for Missing Russian Ship

The following is a list of key developments in the search for the ship Arctic Sea, which disappeared along with its 15-man Russian crew in the Atlantic nearly three weeks ago.

July 21 — Arctic Sea departs from Finnish port with timber cargo bound for Algeria.

July 24 — Crew reportedly attacked in Baltic Sea by about a dozen masked men, who the crew said tied them up, beat them and questioned them about drugs before leaving 12 hours later.

July 28 — Arctic Sea makes last known radio contact after passing through shipping lanes between Britain and France into the Atlantic.

July 29 — Signals from the Arctic Sea's automated identification system reportedly are picked up along the coasts of Portugal and France.

Aug. 4 — Arctic Sea fails to arrive as scheduled in Algerian port of Bejaia with $1.8 million cargo of timber.

Aug. 12 — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev orders Russian military to take "all necessary measures" to search for the Arctic Sea.

Aug. 14 — French Defense Ministry gives first report that ship resembling the Arctic Sea has been located about 520 miles north of Cape Verde off the West African coast.

Aug. 17 — Russia confirms its navy has found the ship some 300 miles from Cape Verde, says the crew is safe and healthy.