Timeline: The Albanian Insurrection in Macedonia

The ethnic Albanian insurrection in the southern Balkans spread to a new front early this year, spreading unrest that threatens to flare into a new Balkan war:

Jan. 22: Grenade attack on police station in Tearce, ethnic Albanian village in western Macedonia, kills one policeman and injures three. New group calling itself the National Liberation Army claims responsibility.

Feb. 17: Border patrol exchanges fire with ethnic Albanian militants near village of Tanusevci.

Feb. 26: Insurgents in Tanusevci open fire on police, drawing army units into clashes.

Feb. 27: NATO sends advisers to help Macedonia contain budding insurrection and moves more observers to Kosovo boundary.

March 4: Three Macedonian army soldiers killed near Tanusevci, two whose vehicle hit land mine, the third hit by sniper fire.

March 5: Macedonian authorities announce plan coordinated with NATO to combat guerrilla activity, start calling up reservists for duty with border guard units.

March 7: U.S. peacekeepers in Kosovo wound two men in gunbattle near Macedonian border.

March 8: Ethnic Albanian guerrillas ambush Macedonian police convoy near Tanusevci, killing at least one policeman.

March 10: Rebels call for constitutional changes and end to alleged discrimination against ethnic Albanians in Macedonian political institutions.

March 13: Rally organized by moderate ethnic Albanian party draws about 30,000 people in Skopje, the capital.

March 14: Rally organized by ethnic Albanian militants draws 5,000 in Tetovo, Macedonia's second-largest city. Heavy shooting erupts in suburbs in first case of fighting spreading past rural areas. State radio reports at least 10 people injured, including eight policemen.