Timeline of Estrada's Rise to Power

A look at Joseph Ejercito Estrada, 63, president of the Philippines:

—Began a career as an action film star in 1957 when he was a college student majoring in civil engineering, eventually winning five Best Actor awards.

—First ran for public office in 1969, becoming mayor of the town of San Juan in metropolitan Manila and serving for 16 years.

—Successfully ran for Senate in 1987.

—Elected vice president of the Philippines in a landslide in 1992. Elected president in 1998 with an unprecedented electoral majority.

—Accused in October by former friend Luis Singson, governor of Ilocos Sur state, of accepting more than $7.7 million in bribes from illegal gambling and another $2.5 million in tobacco tax kickbacks. Opponents accused him of illegally securing money to pay for mistresses and mansions.

—Senate launches impeachment trial against him in December on charges of corruption.

—Popularly known as "Erap," Estrada is married to Loi Estrada. They have three children, Jacqueline, Jinggoy and Jude.