Tila Tequila Has New Shot at Love

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Tila Tequila has another shot at love.

The bisexual MTV reality star was out and about with new gal pal Courtenay Semel, a socialite and former Lindsay Lohan friend, at Thursday’s EA Sports/Xbox 360 premiere of Madden NFL “09 in Los Angeles.

“I’d seen the show [A Shot at Love] and just needed to meet her … and it just happened,” Semel told People magazine of Tequila.

Tequila told People she “didn’t want to jinx anything” about their relationship, but said she was very happy.

The “best friends” told the magazine they enjoy watching movies in bed, sharing clothes and makeup and steering clear of drama.

“There are no games,” Tequila told People. “It’s true what they say about lesbians — you meet and then the next day you move in together, because I can’t get rid of her. She pretty much lives at my house.”

Tequila was dumped by Kristy Morgan on national television last month.

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