Tibetan Exiles Arrested During Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy Office in Nepal

Nepalese police broke up a protest by Tibetan exiles and monks Saturday in front of the Chinese Embassy visa office in Katmandu, arresting 80 demonstrators.

The protesters, shouting slogans such as "stop killing in Tibet," were quickly rounded up by police and driven away in vans and trucks.

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Police did not immediately comment on the arrests. They normally detain such demonstrators and release them the same day without charge.

It was the second time this week that protesters managed to demonstrate in front of the visa office, which is located just over a mile from the main Chinese Embassy. Twelve Tibetan exiles were arrested during a protest there Thursday.

Nepal — a key route for Tibetans fleeing Chinese rule — has been criticized for not allowing peaceful demonstrations against China's recent crackdown in Tibet. Nepalese officials have said they cannot allow protests against friendly nations, including China, and have ordered all protesters arrested.

Thousands of Tibetan refugees live with relatives in the Himalayan region or in camps funded by aid groups.

Beijing says 22 people died in protests that spread earlier this month to dozens of Tibetan communities across western China, in the broadest challenges to Chinese rule in decades. Tibetan exiles say almost 140 are dead.