Thursday, Sept. 25: The Great Debate

The top five candidates seeking to replace Democratic Gov. Gray Davis (search) jousted, sparred and occasionally bickered in the first major debate of the California recall effort.

Did any candidate emerge as the clear winner? We’ll ask Stan Statham, president of the California Broadcasters Association and moderator of Wednesday night’s debate; Duf Sundheim, chairman of the California Republican Party, and Darry Sragow, Democratic strategist.

The first member of Iraq's American-picked Governing Council to be targeted for assassination, Aquila al-Hashimi, died Thursday, five days after she was shot in an ambush. Is the Bush administration’s strategy in Iraq working? We’ll ask Bernard Kerik, former senior policy adviser for the United States in Iraq.

Plus, he went to Iraq to be a human shield and protest the war. Now he "supports" the war, and wants Americans to stay the course. What changed his mind? We’ll ask Rev. Ken Joseph, Jr.

Frightening news out of Iran, as more enriched uranium is uncovered by United Nation's nuclear inspectors. How concerned should we be and how will the international community react? We’ll investigate.

All that, plus telemarketers strike again! Lobbyists convince a federal judge to stop the do not call registry. Will you get to eat dinner in peace ever again? Tim Searcy, executive director of the American Teleservices Association, and Rep. Diana Degette, D-Colo., member of the House Energy and Commerce, join the debate.

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