Thursday, July 3: Safe at Home?

As Americans across the country get ready to kick back and celebrate our nation's birth, authorities are taking a July 4th terror threat very seriously.

What is being done to keep the homeland safe? We’ll ask Robert Strang, former co-chairman of the New York State Anti-Terrorism Task Force, and retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, FOX News military analyst.

And, Robert Sinclair, Jr., manager of public information for AAA, drops by to give you safety tips that you need to know before hitting the road this holiday weekend.

When convicted sex offenders serve their time and get out of prison where should they live? Most of us have one answer to that: "Not in my neighborhood!" But should housing complexes be set aside for them? We’ll ask Linda Wolfe-Dawidjan, who rents apartments to convicted sex offenders, and Marc Klaas, founder of the Klaas Kids Foundation.

The case of missing Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy: There is conflicting information about whether someone threatened Dennehy and his roommate, Carlton Dotson. For insight we’ll turn to Bill Foy, head coach of the Paris Junior College men's basketball team where Dotson played before transferring to Baylor; Lisa Pinto, former prosecutor, and Jo Anne Adlerstein, defense attorney.

And, we'll go live to California and the disappearance of boxing champ Oscar de la Hoya's ex-girlfriend and her son.

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