Police and residents of this Southern California seaside city were questioning Thursday morning whether the 86-year-old man whose car plowed though a crowd of people the previous afternoon, killing nine and injuring dozens of others, should have been behind the wheel at all.

Officials said Russell Weller (search) told them he may have hit the gas pedal instead of the brake Wednesday, hurling victims into the air as his car careened down a crowded street closed to traffic for a twice-weekly farmers' market.

What charges does Weller face? And are stricter requirements needed for senior citizen drivers? We’ll ask Robert Sinclair, AAA spokesperson; Robert Mintz, former federal prosecutor, and Melinda McAllister, criminal defense attorney.

Manuel Gehring is suspected in the disappearance of his two children and is rumored to be helping police locate children's bodies. But are authorities coercing their suspect? We’ll get an update from FOX News’ David Lee Miller.

Plus, we’ll have an update on another Amber Alert that DaySide first exposed on Wednesday. A convicted felon nabs three children at gunpoint in Missouri. Do the police have any leads as to their whereabouts? We’ll ask Kassy Hadley, mother of the abducted children, and Mary Boland, parental kidnap expert.

It seems his 15 minutes of fame aren't up yet. Coarse confessions from Princess Diana's former lover and riding instructor are creating a fresh royal uproar. What’s the fuss? For insight we’ll turn to Richard Mineards, royal insider and columnist for Star magazine.

Plus, how will allegations of sexual abuse impact the image of Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant? We’ll be joined by Kathleen Hessert, president of Sports Media Challenge.

And, what penalties should caregivers face when children die from the heat after being left in cars? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Ohio State Rep. Jim Hughes and attorney Yolanda Gaskins.

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