Thousands Rally in U.S to Support, Detest Israeli Military Actions

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Thousands rallied in support of Israel's military efforts against Hezbollah Sunday, while a Michigan protest drew immigrants and supporters of Lebanon.

In Georgia, politicians and religious leaders spoke to a crowd of about 5,000, many waving Israeli flags, with some speakers calling for the complete demolition of the guerrilla army.

"We cannot negotiate with Hezbollah," said Steven A. Rakitt, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. "It is time to demolish Hezbollah. We are here to say 'Enough is enough."'

Gov. Sonny Perdue said: "The state of Georgia has always stood by Israel and we will continue to do so."

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In Dearborn, Mich., Lebanese supporters gathered to pray for the dead, injured and displaced people of their homeland and to protest Israel's military actions. The 1,000-seat Bint Jebail Culture Center in Dearborn was packed to the walls.

"It's high time for Israel to reevaluate its war policy," said Mohammed Torfah, 75, a Korean War veteran from Dearborn Heights. "Israel may win the battles, but it will never end the war. Someday, it will lose one time, and that will be the end of the Jewish state."

Hundreds of Lebanese and dozens of Israelis have been killed since July 12, when the Hezbollah militia's cross-border attack and kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was followed by heavy Israeli air and artillery attacks. In return, Hezbollah has launched hundreds of missiles into northern Israel.

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