Thousands Bet Fake Fortunes on World-Record Game of Monopoly

At least 2,500 people around the world vied simultaneously for Boardwalk and Park Place, crossed fingers to avoid jail time and set the Guinness World Record for the largest-ever game of Monopoly.

Players joined in from 22 cities around the world, from London, Tokyo and, of course, Atlantic City, from where Monopoly properties derive their names.

Players won and lost fake fortunes on traditional game boards and on Monopoly's online and game console versions, the BBC reported.

Guinness required a minimum of 1,000 players in 23 locations to set the world record. The official record, which Guinness expects to surpass 5,000 once online players are tallied, will be announced Thursday.

In Germany more than 200 enthusiasts took part in former prison in Frankfurt, according to the Associated Press.

Two competitors took the prison theme to heart and turned up dressed as inmates, playing their entire game in an actual cell, the AP reported.

The event was organized to mark the release of the new World Edition of Monopoly which features many different cities on every board rather than specific streets from within one city.

Montreal and Riga are the most expensive cities, while Taipei and Gdynia in Poland have filled the cheapest spots on the new board.