Those in Glass Houses...

I always get nervous around preachy people, who tell others how to live their lives. Then, lo and behold, I discover that they too, have skeletons in their closet.

I just subscribe to the old rule if you live in a glass house, put the stone down. So let me tread carefully. That doesn't mean I don't hold some people to a higher standard, like chief executives of companies and like presidents of the United States.

I know we live in an age where cheating is rampant, where lying seems to be the norm and a world where "The Apprentice" (search) seems to be just another word for backstabbing weasel.

I just think that the highest among us should exemplify the best qualities for us.

I know it's passé, maybe even naive. But I just think those in power should be inspiring, not encourage a lot of whispering.

You know, F. Scott Fitzgerald was right: the rich "are" different than you and me. But with that pedigree comes responsibility to show that your heart is every bit as thick as your wallet and your character every bit as impressive as your cash.

I think of my teenage daughter and my two and three year old boys. They have the right to look up to heroes. I just think the people they look up to, don't have the right to let them down.

Look, we're all human. And we all make mistakes.

I just think those in power have a higher responsibility to avoid them.

Life isn't fair. But the most powerful among us should already know, it isn't equal either.

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