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BRENDA BUTTNER, GUEST HOST: Are you afraid to fly on September 11? My next guest says don't be. He says flying's never been safer. And there's never been a better time to show these terrorists what we're made of. Joining us from Anaheim, California is Thom Nulty, president of Navigant International. Sir, thanks for joining us.


BUTTNER: So, I assume you will be flying on September 11.

NULTY: Well, at the moment, I'm planning to fly the day before and the day after. I think I'm going to be doing a few TV interviews on that today. But I'm certainly not afraid to fly on September 11.

BUTTNER: Well, you are not afraid, but you're not doing it.

NULTY: I would love to do it. Other commitments will keep me away from it. But should the opportunity be there, I'll be up in air. Would not bother me in the least to be on an airplane.

Security at the airports is as good as it has ever been. And I have taken the attitude that taking your shoes off and being inspected more than once is not a problem. I have never waited more than 15 minutes to go through security. And I have been on 131 flights since September 11. I was out there the very first day that they started flights again. And I was on a flight yesterday, and I'll be on many more between now and September 11.

BUTTNER: A lot of airlines are having to cut back in September. They are having a lot of problems booking flights, particularly on that day. And you can surely understand why someone might be afraid to fly on that day.

NULTY: Sure, I can understand that people would be afraid. But there is really no reason to be. There is never going to be another September 11 type of incident in my opinion. There's a couple of reasons why.

BUTTNER: Well, I think the fear that is Al Qaeda may try to make another statement on that day, somehow.

NULTY: I think they may try. But I don't think they will be successful. And I think they are also probably wise enough to know that when everybody is looking for a problem, is not a great day to try to do something. Plus, I think the airline situation has changed drastically since then with all of the added security and even the attitude of both the passengers and the pilots and everybody else that is there, to repeat what took place on September 11 will probably never happen again because of that awareness. There are so many things that can be done, even if a terrorist was on board an airplane now, that really people didn't think about doing, back on September 11.

BUTTNER: You view it as kind of a statement of patriotism?

NULTY: You know, I do. You know, traveling is part of our American heritage in a sense. It is something that we all value. And if we don't travel, if we show the terrorists that we are afraid, we really show them that they have won. And they really haven't. Americans really shouldn't be afraid to fly, shouldn't be afraid to visit the nation's capital, visit New York, all these wonderful places.

And on top of that, it has never been a better time do it. The prices are fantastic. Really, the airlines are running wonderfully well. Most flights are leaving on time and arriving on time. The airline system, frankly, has never been better.

BUTTNER: You have to be a bit of risk taker, though, to take a flight that day?

NULTY: I don't think so. I think you stand a much, much better chance of having something happen to you on the road while driving to the airport than you ever would having any kind of an incident in the air at this point.

BUTTNER: All right. Thom Nulty, thanks so much for joining us.

NULTY: My pleasure being here.

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