Thieves Steal Air Force Veteran's American Flag — 9 Times

It's déjà vu all over again for a retired Air Force brigadier general who has had his American flag stolen nine different times, according to

Last Friday night was the latest incident in which thieves swiped 87-year-old Archie Mayes' flag, along with the pole it was hoisted on.

But they didn't stop there: They broke a window in Mayes' workshop. Nothing was taken.

"I do not know if somebody does not like my flag, or they know I'm military and resent that, or if they are just plain mean," said the three-war veteran.

Mayes captured images of the cold-hearted bandits on video camera, which he set up in October, and has turned the tapes over to police in Bedford. An investigation is under way.

So far, no suspects have been nabbed. Mayes believes the same person or people are responsible for all nine flag thefts.

“If you really want to know how I feel … If I had a shotgun with buck shot in it, I’d have shot him in the butt,” Mayes said. “And I wouldn’t have any hesitation.”

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