The War on Christmas Is Real

Let's get something straight in this war on Christmas. It's not the War on Terror.

That fact comes to mind Monday watching George W. Bush defending what was an obvious imperative for the president of the United States — find every terror wannabe presently in the United States and make sure they can't even set off a firecracker.

That is a big job. That is why he employed the National Security Agency — super spooks eavesdropping on phone calls and computer e-mail. And the need to find these people is what so animates George W. Bush.

The war on Christmas is a guerrilla campaign — an insurgency if you will — of the overall culture wars which have been underway in this country for a long time, in this particular area since Madeleine Murray O'Hare made being an atheist fashionable.

So it's not the War on Terror. It's not that big, nor that urgent.

But that's not to say it's nothing. To hear the critics of my book talk, you would think every kid in the country is still singing "Silent Night" right before he or she heads off on the Christmas Break. Let me tell you that is not happening.

To hear these critics play down the war they started and they would like to continue to carry out under the radar, there's nothing more than a few bureaucrats around the country making an occasional mistake when they ban Christmas or change the name of the day or the tree or fire Santa because he's Christian or, most weirdly of all, ban the use of red and green icing on the cupcakes at the kiddies' holiday party right before winter break.

They say, "Ok, Gibson, you found a few cases, but it's hardly a war."

Well, they are wrong. The war is real. The difference between this year and any other year is they got caught doing it, and now they will deny it. Next year there will be changes because these retail operations got burned this Christmas season.

But as for the schools and parks and libraries and city halls, I think the battle is still underway there, and it shows no sign of just going away.

That's My Word.

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