The Value of Humility

It comes down to humility. Leave it to me -- a guy sometimes accused of being just another pompous TV anchor -- to put it simply:

There's no need to be an ass. There's no need to be arrogant or condescending. There's no need for some doctors to think only their schedule matters, and not ours.

I've seen it so many times. People who are so smart, yet so clueless... the people who shove in front of a line. The customer who shouts and demands at a restaurant. The waiter who couldn't be snippier. The big TV anchor who can't be bothered signing an autograph. The coo who berates his top aide in front of everybody.

Some people think other people don't matter. The worst -- of course -- are the French... but I digress! (Kidding)

Seriously, why do some people take themselves so seriously or assume we should take them seriously as a result?

They could do a lot worse than thinking a little better of the people around them.

You know, John Kennedy used to say, “We all breathe the same air."

My father used to say, "Neil, stay humble. In your case, it will come in handy."

I say, "The best among us are those who don't forget... the rest of us."

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