The Ultimate Celebrity Is a Mix of Hollywood Beauties

Large lips, defined features and a small, thin nose. Those are the features of the truly beautiful, according to founder Avi Muchnick.

Web users competed to create the Ultimate Celebrity on, an image-editing site. Artists created their versions of the perfect Hollywood beauty by morphing together the facial features of celebrity hotties like Jessica Simpson and Keri Russell.

The winning submission is a mix of Carmen Electra, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie.

According to Muchnick, of all the traits a beauty must posses, symmetry is most important.

Large eyes also give the appearance of youth, Muchnick added. The eyes of Theron and Michelle Pfeiffer were popular choices, as were the luscious lips of Jolie.

Muchnick launched in 2002 to create a place for people to create rich, visual content in an interactive and fun atmosphere. Muchnick recently released software that allows people edit their own images — including morphing celebrities — while interacting with other users.

Click here to check out the Ultimate Celebrity submission.

FOX News’ Caroline Cooney contributed to this report.