The U.N. Stops Making Sense

Do you want me heading a commission on proper eating? How about leading a fitness class? Let me save you the trouble. The answer is no.

After all, do I "look" like a guy who should be imparting dietary advice? Again, no. It would be stupid and it would be hypocritical.

But neither seems to matter much to the United Nations though.

In one of the dumbest stories I have ever heard, Iraq is set to chair a U.N. conference on disarmament this spring. Iraq! I kid you not.

World Net Daily reports it's actually just part of a rotation among the 75 member nations apparently done in alphabetical order. I guess we are closing in on the I's and Iraq is up for the job beginning May 12.

You can't make this stuff up! The country that is openly flaunting disarmament will be chairing the commission whose job it is to enforce disarmament.

And it got me thinking: Why not have me run the bakeshop, but promise not to eat one cannoli? Or manage the local Wendy's and vow not to touch one double-cheeseburger.

Please. Don't even bother.

But the U.N. -- apparently -- sees nothing wrong. It's just part of a rotation, says one official there. No big deal.

And I'm thinking, so why do we make a big deal out of what the U.N. says, or doesn't say?

Look, I'm not going to dare tell you to put down that fork. Who are these guys to say, don't tear pick up that weapon.

Food for thought.

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