OK, I'm warning you right off: What I'm about to say will tick you off — some of you a lot. But I figured that since politicians aren't leveling with you, I will. So, here goes:

Social Security (searchis broken and it needs fixing. Either we hike the retirement age, cut some of the benefits, or do both. But we have to do something now. And while I'm ticking off interest groups, let me tick off some treasured ones:

Like the elderly: You are entitled to our respect, but not our every last dollar. It is not the government's job to look after you, so much so that it bankrupts generations behind you.

To my fellow baby boomer (search) generation: Quit acting like you're still the entitled generation. You spent, but never saved and now you're looking to the government to save you. Save me your whining.

To the sons and daughters of boomers: Get over your cynicism with the system and start finding solutions "in" the system.

And for victims everywhere: Quit looking for sympathy anywhere. It's one thing to feel slighted, it's quite another to feel entitled.

We have a great country, but too many of us want to suck off this country, by demanding still more from this country. It's why government grows bigger and entitlements messier. No one has the guts to simply say, "no."

Remember the old line that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have? Well, it includes your own initiative.

Protecting the weak doesn't mean also coddling the strong. Looking after the least of us doesn't mean programs to support all of us.

Getting tax money back is great. But Uncle Sam spending that money like he never gave it in the first place is not great.

I know, I know, I'd make a lousy candidate. But candidates who tell us otherwise are even lousier. They know the truth but don't say it and we encourage their lies... because we don't demand it.

Now exactly who's being lousy to whom?

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