The Sopranos, Julia Roberts and Jerry Seinfeld

The Sopranos, Julia Roberts and Jerry Seinfeld. Who are these people? They're all caught like deer in the high beams of The Foxlight.

People tell Lorraine Bracco they wish their psychiatrist was more like the one she plays on The Sopranos. She also tells Fox News most of the cast wants a fifth season after next year - but it's all up to David Chase. And, did you know that those scenes with Tony in her office were shot out of order?  He does all the talking first, and then they film her questions and reactions. She says she likes it better that way because the scenes are about him. But will we see a romantic on-screen moment for the two? She says they already have them off screen. But she's kidding - I think.

Julia Roberts says the pressures of being President Bush's daughter would lead her to drink, too. Roberts tells Time magazine that being a presidential daughter would be such a cross to bear that she, too, would want a couple of drinks. Will she be toasting after her new movie America's Sweethearts opens? The film got a lukewarm media screening over the weekend.

Now that Jerry Seinfeld's doing nothing, he has time to watch Seinfeld. He tells T.V. Guide he's gotten to watch the reruns "a little bit" - he never watched it during the nine years it was in first-run. He says when people come up to now and say, "'You know, I never saw your show when it was on, but I'm really getting into the reruns." Then, he says, "'Yeah, me too."'