The Sopranos, John McCain and Harry Potter

The Sopranos, John McCain and Harry Potter in The Foxlight.

So some of the Sopranos cast members want a pay hike, huh? Isn't that a little dicey on a show that could easily have them whacked? The real disappointment in all of this is that since they're negotiating for next year, we know who won't get whacked -- theoretically. That includes Meadow, Adriana and Paulie Walnuts.

They each want a $100,000 an episode, a big raise from the $20,000 to  $30,000 they have to buy groceries on now. Whack 'em Tony, all of 'em -- except Meadow. Just have her go to a foreign school and then read a letter from her every now and then.

Despite a weak overall show, Slapstick Senator John McCain did get off a pretty funny lady jibe at her Barbra Streisand when he hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. It was people who need people who need singing lessons. But it was one of the shows few -- and biggest -- laughs.

Finally, strap on the diapers, the new Harry Potter movie is two hours and 42 minutes? That's three lifetimes to an eight-year-old.