The Sopranos, Eddie Murphy and Shrek

The Sopranos, Eddie Murphy and Shrek in the greenish glare of The Foxlight.

The doctor is in to stay. Tony Soprano's shrink says nothing will shrink her resolve about New York City. Terrorists attacks, anthrax, nuclear threats? Fugeddaboutit. Lorraine Bracco says New York is the coolest place on the planet. And she's staying put.

Something else that isn't leaving? Her accent. Bracco says agents have always tried to get her to drop it. She says why should everyone want to sound like Kathleen Turner?

He has a new album and although there's no hip-hop on it, that hasn't stopped Uncle Junior from starring in a new hip-hop music video. It's Dominic Chianese who plays Uncle Junior on The Sopranos but he doesn't play him in the video.

The video's for the group Full Force. Uncle Junior plays a man laying in bed with his wife when they're disturbed by loud music coming from a club down the street. He goes to the club in his silk pajamas and becomes a big shot for the duration of the song. The video is expected to debut on BET, but how about also including it as a bonus on the next wave of Sopranos DVDs?

Speaking of DVDs, if you're like the Foxlight and thought Eddie Murphy could have been funnier in Shrek, check out the new DVD. He does an interview that's hilarious. And there's a new ending to the film, a karaoke animal sing-along and lots more gags.