The Sky Is Falling!

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There are a lot of people warning that the sky is falling — and I'm not talking about the possibility John McCain could be the Republican nominee.

The U.S. Air Force general who is charge of the Northern Command is warning us that a spy satellite the size of a city bus is about to fall out of orbit and it might hit the U.S.

The satellite went into orbit in 2006 and it failed the moment it went up — hasn't worked even a full day the entire time. A computer apparently went on the fritz on Day 1 and that was that. God knows how many millions of dollars are orbiting around above our heads, just waiting for the day it will all burn up on reentry.

But that's the problem. It probably won't all burn up on reentry. Some big pieces of this orbiting bus are going to end up not quite burning up and will hit the ground going very, very fast.

If it hits in Mexico or Canada they're going to be mad at us. If it hits us, the world is going to say we got what we deserved.

The thing is about sixteen feet across and seems to weigh about 10,000 pounds -- though that's a guess from experts because the military won't say anything about the secret satellite except: Be sure to duck, because here it comes.

The best estimate as to when it will hit is late February or early March. I provide this information as a public service. Don't say you weren't warned and it might be best to wear a helmet for a week. I'll keep you posted.

That's My Word.

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