The Show Must Go On!

Dear Viewers,

I have finished day three of my judging in the Miss America (search) pageant. We seven judges interviewed 17 more contestants -- from Hawaii to Maine. Tuesday morning we’ll complete the remaining 17 and move onto the next competition in the evening. Everything seems on schedule... or is it? Well, there is chaos afoot -- I feel like I am in the "eye of the storm" and I just might be.

I am not only doing my "day job" (On the Record), but I am busy trying to find rain gear for what may be a huge story. As luck would have it, we have been warned that hurricane Isabel is headed our way and she is mad -- 150 mph mad!

Atlantic City is in the direct path and unless Isabel has a change of heart and turns right, we are in for trouble -- big trouble. The pageant people are already trying to figure out what to do. There are a million questions, like: Will the city have to be evacuated? If so, for how long? How much damage will there be? The convention center is booked for Saturday night but if the city is evacuated and power lost, then what? Or will we get lucky and Isabel will turn away?

Right now the city has the blackest of black skies. We are told that the storm is 2 days away but it sure doesn't look it. It looks ominous. This is not a happy, sunny beach town right now. It is a city of uncertainty and preparations are beginning for Isabel.

In the meantime, our show will go on as scheduled... we do it live from Atlantic City!


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