The Sexiest Man in Australia, Sitcom Salaries and Dick Clark

The sexiest man in Australia, sitcom salaries and Dick Clark in the fountain of truth we call The Foxlight.

Hugh Jackman may be stuck in a doggy of a movie with Meg Ryan.  But the Kate & Leopold star has unseated Mel Gibson as Australia's Sexiest Man.  Who else do you have to compete against, really?  Russell Crowe's a little paunchy these days.  Paul Hogan?  Uh, congratulations Hugh, I guess.

One of the most interesting aspects of the huge mega bucks pay day for Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce on Frasier isn't the money – even though up to 750 grand an episode isn't chump change.  Nope, it's the fact that the contracts are for three more years – when some said Frasier was only going to be around for another season.  Maybe two.  Does that mean Niles and Daphne could get a spin off show of their own?

Finally, the ball dropped in Times Square without a hitch.  Unless you count the number of shameless plugs Dick Clark did for his upcoming Music Awards show and the constant Disney on air mentions.  Disney owns ABC.  Dick, there's cross promotion and then there's an infomercial.

And that's the always the rockin' world of celebrity plugs, shrugs and eight by 10 mugs we shred everyday in the Hollywood Cuisinart we call The Foxlight.