The Seinfelds go shopping, Derek Jeter and bellybuttons in the always overexposed glare of The Foxlight.

Need a hard-to-get Christmas gift? Go shopping with Jerry Seinfeld. The New York Times says that when Mrs. Seinfeld wanted an exclusive $5,300 Hermes handbag, the store told Jessica Seinfeld the waiting list was closed. Then she directed the saleslady's attention toward the guy in the baseball hat next to her. When the saleswoman realized it was Jerry, suddenly the store produced one. For the rest of us. "No purse for you." There is a two year waiting list for the "must have" bag.

The best sport award should go to Derek Jeter. He was the MVP of Saturday Night Live as the host this weekend. He may not be a great comic actor, but he was in lots of sketches. And doesn't look half bad in woman's clothing.

Finally, who has the best bellybutton? According to something called the My VH1 Awards Britney Spears gets the midriff nod. The fan based voting gave her the Navel Academy award for the year. Get it? Navel. Ha!

Other goofy categories? The French prostitute-themed video for "Lady Marmalade," a cover song for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack performed by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink, won the "Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just My Video" category for  naturally the sexiest performance.