The Secret to Our Happy Marriage Is...

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

I’ve opened the floodgates!

Last week, I mentioned that to mark the publication of my first book, “The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook” — a 20-year compilation of the funniest stories of marriage EVER WRITTEN (according to the author) — we would be sharing some of your real life stories.

Since then, I have been buried under a pile of e-mail and let me tell you something: These stories are terrific! Because my book is humorous (“...funnier than Dave Barry ...”), I started out looking for the funniest, but as it turns out many more of them are heartwarming and wonderful, I got a little teary eyed a couple of times! Stop making me cry! My kids hate to see Daddy’s mascara run!

So far you've sent in about 500 stories and I wanted to share some of them today, and you’ll find them starting in a few paragraphs.

Next week I’ll also start a daily blog that will feature as many of your stories as I can, so stay tuned for that. Also, if you’d like to learn how to e-mail me, or see how to buy an autographed copy of my book (or even a CD audiobook if you’re too lazy to read) please visit:

In the meantime, please enjoy these stories, all by FOX News viewers:

Letter No. 1

Deployment! We have been together for 3 years and more than half of that we have spent apart. Each time he comes home it's like a honeymoon all over again. We have learned to appreciate the time spent together so much more. You learn what things are worth arguing over.
Jenniene H.
North Carolina

Letter No. 2

I have got to say my secret to a happy marriage is to get rid of the mother-in-law. No, not kill her but make her move away! Ha ha! Just kidding, however, my mother-in-law did move to Russia from Austin, Texas and that was what saved our marriage and we have never been happier! My husband is also lucky. I am a very forgiving person because I had to put up with him and his mother at the same time before she moved. That was not fun! :) Can't wait to read your book!
Brooke Robertson

Letter No. 3

The secret to our happy marriage waking up every morning, kissing my wife and saying, "Good morning, I love you, and I am sorry." Just to get it out of the way! We have been married for 28 years.
Kerry and Diane Zeiss
Atwood, TN

Letter No. 4

The secret to our happy marriage is the devotion to one another that we share. Eleven years ago I was killed for some seven minutes in an accident, which left me severely disabled and dependent on my wife. She has been there every minute since then assisting in my recovery. I was unable to walk, write, or read due to total amnesia. I am now completing my college education again, and will graduate with a degree in History to support her. She has truly been a soldier.
We are, as you may extrapolate, devoted to one another. We made VOWS! The secret to a HAPPY marriage is simply this, keep the marriage you vowed to keep every day. Think of the things you promised to do.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Genie Webber
Wetumpka, Alabama

Letter No. 5

Our secret to a happy marriage is that he is a career military man. With all the frequent deployments and training, we have time apart to reflect on each other so we feel like newlyweds when we get back together! It can be very stressful at times being a military wife, but I know he is well trained and I am well prepared to handle things at home. That is what makes this marriage work. He doesn't have to worry about the children and I. Every time he returns from a deployment or training, I get this excited feeling like a school girl! We have been married for almost 11 years! I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else!
Donna Smith
North Carolina

Wonderful stories, keep them coming! Thank you all for trusting me with your true life stories.

Steve Doocy
Mr. Happy

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