The Taliban is near total collapse, but Usama bin Laden's still on the run. We'll have the latest developments in Afghanistan and the manhunt for bin Laden and members of his terrorist network.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein says he'll put the kibosh on any new weapons inspectors in his country, depsite President Bush's veiled threat to go after anyone who may harbor weapons of mass destruction. Key allies are urging the U.S. not to make Iraq its next destination in the War on Terror.

What will the Bush Administration do?

And it's been quite a week for the administration on the homefront. The Democratic bulldogs are out of the pen of nonpartisanship and accusing Bush of mucking up plans to stimulate the economy. They also spent the week ripping apart John Ashcroft for establishing military tribunals without Congressional approval and broadening police powers even further.

We'll bring you the inside scoop on the political theater playing out on Capitol Hill and Sen. John Kyl, R-AZ, will expand upon the issues at hand.

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